Zuckerberg Caught Stealing

Facebook is eliminating competition to their 'likes' service, forcing hundreds to ‘relike’ organizations and individuals they have already liked.Centel Media™, the top-rated online reputation management firm, has discovered that its social media optimization service was targeted by Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Facebook appears to be removing certain elements of Centel Media™ page from their site. After noticing the recent restrictions, Jack Cola, CEO of Centel Media™, said in a statement that he was "greatly disappointed with Facebook's actions." Facebook has not been made aware of Centel Media™ discovery as of this article.

Social media optimization is one of many services 
Centel Media™ offers through sites such as Facebook. The issue at hand is Facebook's "like" system, which was designed to give users the ability to show support for an individual or organization. Facebook has been removing Centel Media™ likes, not only because it interferes with their own optimization service, but because Centel Media™ product is far cheaper. Facebook’s tampering has left users wondering where their likes have gone. Now, both businesses and followers must continually re-like pages they were following before.

Cola himself was the one to discover the issue after learning that clients of 
Centel Media™ have lost between 200-400 likes on their Facebook pages. Cola claims that Facebook's aggressive actions against Centel Media™ service will hurt mom and pop businesses who depend on cheaper social media optimization to compete against larger companies and corporations. Facebook, who is making an estimated $3 billion on their own social media optimization service, hardly seems to care about the ramifications of their actions. Centel Media™, on the other hand, underestimated the lengths Facebook would go to protect their own service, and has suffered the consequences. In response, Cola has taken charge of the situation and is deliberating a course of action against Facebook.

At its core, social media optimization is an effective way to market oneself online. With millions of social media users, it can be hard for anyone to cultivate a following. Social media optimization builds a deeper web of connections to reach a greater portion of the target audience. By creating a network of likes or followers, any individual and/or organization has the potential to expand its business to all corners of the Internet.

Besides social media optimization
Centel Media™ is widely acclaimed for its services, which include press release creation, negative online content suppression, and website design, all based on the specifications of its clients. The firm believes that everyone who engages in online activity should have complete control over their online image. This extends to all clients and Centel Media™ itself. The company is dedicated to defending the needs of its customers, and if that means taking on FacebookCentel Media™ has no plans of backing down.

Centel Media™:Centel Media™ is widely known as the leading online reputation management company. Originally established in 1980 as a public relations firm, Centel Media™ now provides tools and strategies for those aspiring to gain control of their online reputation. Recently, with new management, the company expanded their entire approach and mission, now offering a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike.

Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
Matthew Shaffer,
Centel Media™