Centel Media Acquires Quest Continental

Combining Quest Continental’s analytics and web designing platforms with  Centel Media™ online reputation management, social media and search engine optimization will provide clients with unparalleled results. Centel Media™ is pleased to announce it has just acquired the majority stock of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com), a web solutions company that specializes in new domain registration, web design, marketing and analytics. As a part of the takeover of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com)  Centel Media™will celebrate by (for a limited time only) giving away FREE WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES. Customers will now have the option of choosing from over 1,000 web design templates as well as being able to register domain names both in the U.S. and internationally.

Benefits of this promotion include features such as Google maps, photo gallery, slideshow, contact forms, Google search box, HD video, audio clips, document upload, YouTube videos, flash, file uploads, integrated PayPal shopping cart (FREE standard version), Google AdSense, custom HTML, social polling and surveying, social media integration, RSVP forms, feed readers, calendar bookings and forums, all of which should greatly enhance the attraction and fluidity of all sites. Customers will also get a complimentary FREE mobile site fully accessible from smartphones and/or tablet devices. With this service, there is no need to edit the mobile site. The changes made to the desktop site will automatically update to the mobile sites.

In addition to the above features, customers will also enjoy the benefits of adding site descriptions, meta keywords, footer code (for Google analytics), header code (for Google webmaster tools), the ability to hide websites from search engines, and the ability to configure 301 redirects.
 Centel Media™ feels that allowing customers to utilize these tools will increase the ability to maintain a personal or business online reputation. Giving these services away for free proves that Centel Media™  is the best choice for every online need.

Companies that use Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) for Facebook and Twitter design will still be able to utilize those services as they originally had. The acquisition will merely change inner workings to further benefit customers, who will now have access to free website design services. Moreover, analytics played a major part in the takeover of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com). Not only are analytics beneficial for 
Centel Media™ clients, but Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) services also included giving very detailed reports on how much traffic a website would bring in. As a component of this, Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) would assist in showing if a customer’s marketing plans were effective in attracting customers to a website. Analytics plays a big part in Centel Media™ overall plan-- analytics assist with reputation management for companies when they are searched online.

Often times, people have websites that are built into other web developing sites that are not receptive to positive reputation management changes. This can mean that whenever the company is being searched, certain keywords and tags are being applied that show the company in a negative light. Pairing analytics with 
Centel Media™ software allows for SEO terms to come up with the optimal results regarding your company. Acquisitions sometimes end up changing the nature of the company that is being taken over. However, this is not the case with the takeover of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) by Centel Media™Centel Media™ has integrated all aspects of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com), making the transition easy for both Centel Media™ clients as well as existing Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) customers.

Quincy Grant,
Creative Writer,
Centel Media.