Jack Cola Spends $60K to Promote Video Tutorials

Jack Cola, CEO of Centel Media™, is allocating $60,000 to create video tutorials that will teach customers about the common errors businesses make to incur online negativity.

Jack Cola, in his newly acquired seat as CEO of 
Centel Media™, has already made great strides in taking the company to the next level. Cola is allocating $60,000 to create a series of video tutorials to teach Centel Media™ clients about common errors business make that cause negative reviews and articles to be published about them. Clients learn about the insulation process that is a major part of Centel Media™, as well as company disclaimer clarity and the importance of strong customer service. This follows a slew of other recent moves made by the rising CEO, most notably, the BPN Asia software purchase for $1.3 million.

Cola has wasted no time since starting his tenure as CEO of 
Centel Media™, building several new business partnerships and expanding what the company has to offer. The video tutorial project was Cola's plan to enhance the Centel Media™ customer experience. These tutorials will teach customers explicitly about the errors businesses make that can result in negative content postings. The video series will feature simple tricks-of-the-trade that every business can implement to improve their online presence.

Research proves that more than 90 percent of negative reports come from either competitors or disgruntled employees. Only 10 percent of these reports originate from unhappy customers. Furthermore, less than 40 percent of actual customer reports are even accurate--those remaining come from customers who lack a thorough understanding of the company's policies and procedures. As a result, all of these misconstrued or dishonest reports become the driving force behind a negative reputation.

Many businesses fall victim to poor online reputations and are therefore forced to deal with unjust or misinterpreted reports. Businesses have to be proactive when they make the move online. Properly protecting and insulating your business is a vital first step. No other search engine optimization, online reputation management or PR firm has video tutorials to aid their customers. This move will put 
Centel Media™ at the top of the list when it comes to choosing a company to manage online reputation.Centel Media™ exemplifies its strength in reputation management through the various services it offers in comparison to its competitors. Centel Media™ services are 50 to 60 percent less expensive and more effective than its competitors’. This is based on the reduction of man hours spent on a project, as a result of the $1.3 million purchase of software made by BPN Asia. However, this doesn’t mean that client experiences at Centel Media™ will be automated, Centel Media™ understands a person’s frustration when finding a negative search result. Therefore, clients will speak to a U.S. based customer service representative that will explain the process and will be readily available to answer any questions. Further, Centel Media™ is the only ORM firm to offer financing through PayPal, and they back up the effectiveness of their services with their 90 day money back guarantee.

Cola's determination to provide customers with video tutorials reflects 
Centel Media™ excellence in customer service. Centel Media™ pushes to ensure the finest quality services so that customers are left with an online reputation they can be proud of.

Centel Media™ is widely heralded as the foremost online reputation company in the world. The firm was originally launched in 1980 as a public relations firm, but now provides tools and strategies for those wishing to seize control of their online reputation. After several years of publishing print press releases, Centel Media™ employees began publishing these releases online to improve reach and to better assist its clients. More recently, the company took that vision and expanded it. With its newest management, Centel Media™ offers a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike. Centel Media™ is known for its standard-setting technologies as well as its proprietary strategies. The company's client list includes government bodies, noteworthy politicians, Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and private citizens.

Mr. Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™.