The Rise of Centel Media

Centel Media™dates back 40 years and was originally designed as a public relations firm, but has since added many more services and rose to become the top-rated online reputation management company in the hands of current CEO Jack Cola.Centel Media™ was created by Arthur Long in 1972, crafting press releases for companies that needed to generate public interest through announcements regarding major developments, including mergers, acquisitions or the release of a new product or service. Through the leadership of Long, Centel Media™ became the go-to firm if a company needed sales campaigns to captivate the public eye, or unveil promising stock options to be offered. Long left a lasting impact at Centel Media™, helping hundreds of companies spread word and gather attention from the public. Fox News, Bloomberg and CNN are just a few of the news outlets that used Centel Media™ during Long's tenure.

The next big change for 
Centel Media™ came in 2012 when Danielle Steffenhagen purchased Centel Media™ from Arthur Long and became the acting president and CEO of the company. The San Francisco State graduate, with a background in online print and journalism, was only the second CEO of Centel Media™ in its 40 years of business. Under her reign as CEO, Centel Media™ transitioned online, a critical move that would play an invaluable role in the company's future. Less than two years later, Centel Media™ majority stock was acquired by Jack Cola, leading to his placement as CEO of the company. However, this didn't mean the end for Steffenhagen's stay at Centel Media™. She continues to serve as President and Chief Operations Officer, supplying the company with the strong skills she carried over from her days as CEO.

Upon Cola's purchase of 
Centel Media™ for $846,000, he officially took office as CEO on July 1, 2013. Cola arrived at Centel Media™ with a list of accolades and a wealth of experience leading companies to increased profits and global visibility. In short time, Cola pushed the company to include online reputation management and search engine optimization services. He made key acquisitions spurring the growth of Centel Media™, including the website design company Another major development is the purchase of exclusively designed software by Internet software giant BPN Asia for $1.3 million. Many new deals have been sealed since the start of Cola's tenure, including the Comcast Center of Philadelphia's social media site, and, which Centel Media™ vows to aid in increasing their online traffic and visibility. Centel Media™ has also become the only ORM and SEO firm to offer financing services through PayPal. Currently, Cola is allocating $60,000 to create a series of online video tutorials that will help Centel Media™ clients avoid future negative reviews and articles--this is done not only by insulating a client’s online reputation, but also by teaching these clients about the clarity of a company’s disclaimer, as well as the importance and integrity of their customer service.Centel Media™ has come a long way since its origin. Moving from a notable public relations firm, to the top-rated online reputation management company, Centel Media™ continues to grow every day. Through great leaders like Long, Steffenhagen and current CEO Cola, Centel Media™ has always been in position to succeed and provide the best service to its customers. With such a rich history, Centel Media™ future is sure to be bright.

Centel Media™ is widely heralded as the foremost online reputation company in the world. The firm was originally launched in 1980 as a public relations firm, but now provides tools and strategies for those wishing to seize control of their online reputation. After several years of publishing print press releases, Centel Media™ employees began publishing these releases online to improve reach and to better assist its clients. More recently, the company took that vision and expanded it. With its newest management, Centel Media™  offers a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals a Centel Media™ and brands alike. Centel Media™  is known for its standard-setting technologies as well as its proprietary strategies. The company's client list includes government bodies, noteworthy politicians, Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and private citizens.

Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™