Don't Be Tebowed by Online Malice

In the spotlight, an online reputation can become difficult to manage. Figures like Tim Tebow, whose faith has come into conflict with the media, need an online reputation manager, like Centel Media™, to curb negative content that surfaces online.

No matter who is at the center of controversy, the Internet can be a harsh bully and poor reflection of reality. In an interview released September of last year, Tebow discussed his future personal goals, in particular, his goal of finding a wife with a “servant’s heart”. At the time of this interview, Tebow was already scrutinized for his faith, indecently labeled “football’s most famous virgin.” With comments like these, the media was quick to swarm in, taking the true meaning out of context and manipulating the public to believe what they want. In result, Tebow was defined as a misogynist with the goal of popping his cherry with a “hot slave” wife.

As of last year, the media coverage surrounding Tebow’s beliefs escalated into a national debate over religion and its place in sports. With an association to a hotbed topic such as Christianity, Tebow became an unnecessary casualty to the ongoing conflict of religion in America. His anti-abortion commercial, which was broadcast during the Super Bowl, has faded from television and radio content, but lives forever online.

In spite of recent struggles in the NFL, Tim Tebow was a gifted player in college, receiver of the Heisman trophy and two national championships. Tebow has been active in charity work and, in 2010, founded a faith-based outreach group. His every move has media coverage with celebrity status. This sounds like a candidate with an ideal image that would transfer into a solid online reputation. But as an outspoken Christian, Tim Tebow has stirred much controversy over the course of his short professional football career.

Online, the mockery and criticism toward Tebow and his religious beliefs have been fierce. A flood of blog posts and tweets with negative comments of Tebow being “overrated,” or a “religious nut job” have taken the Internet by storm. “Tebowing” (dropping to one knee in prayer with his head resting on one hand) quickly changed from a positive image highlighting Tebow’s talent, to a maneuver widely used by others to mock him. There are grounds for critique of his professional athletic ability, but perhaps not enough to support an attack on his personal or religious preferences.

While the backlash against Tebow’s career may fade from the sights of TV sports analysts or fall away from the front page of newspapers and magazines, they are ever present online, in social media and search engine results. For now, they remain buried, but at any time, negative content about Tebow could resurface. Even with the intense scrutiny that comes with his fame, Tebow should have the opportunity to redeem his name and show the truth of his character. 
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Courtney Fisher,
Assistant Press Secretary,
Matthew Shaffer,
 Centel Media™