Centel Media Now Manages World's Largest Cable Provider

Centel Media™ will begin working with the Comcast Center in Philadelphia to manage its online reputation.Centel Media™, the top online reputation management company specializing in maintaining and managing the reputations of honest individuals and businesses of all sizes, will now be managing the online reputation of the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. The center is one of the offices made home to the world’s largest cable provider. The deal made will allow Comcast Center workers to continue with everyday business while knowing the company’s online reputation is protected.

The Comcast Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is 58 stories high and is the fifteenth tallest building in the United States; it is the tallest in Philadelphia. Inside the center, Comcast employees work to deliver services dealing in global media and technology. Much of this exists under Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal, two big name businesses in global media. By bringing in the knowledge and expertise of 
Centel Media™, the Comcast Center will become an even greater force in its field.Centel Media™ has worked with various types of clients to maintain positive online reputation. It helps clients reduce false or defamatory negative content on major search engines by introducing positive content, in whatever form needed. Centel Media™ also generates content for clients that may not have negative content, but merely want to raise positive awareness.

Because anyone may need online reputation management services, 
Centel Media™ approaches each client with individual guidance and assistance. Clients’ cases may differ based on whether the client is an individual, a small business, or a large sized business. Cases may also differ based on the severity of negativity in the client’s online reputation. However, Centel Media™ does not take on any client. Clients have to have a positive, honest background to use Centel Media™ services, which is why it is different from any other online reputation management company. The Comcast Center in Philadelphia fits this description with ease.

The Comcast Center in Philadelphia is part of a very popular, well-known company. As such, the management of its online reputation will be individualized from some of 
Centel Media™ other clients. The center is undoubtedly one of the biggest brand names Centel Media™ has worked with. Therefore, the project will be a highly rewarding endeavor for both sides. The project with the Comcast Center in Philadelphia will begin immediately.

Arthur Long,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media.