Incognito Confronts Martin Controversy

Both Incognito and Martin are in a tough position, but ORM could be the answer to their image problems.

The Miami Dolphins have found themselves in the middle of a bad controversy. One of their players, lineman Richard Incognito, has been accused of bullying teammate Jonathan Martin. Incognito was suspended indefinitely from the Dolphins, and is now at great risk of being released from the team amid a growing media storm. All over the Internet, NFL fans continue to comment about Incognito and the voicemail, filled with reprehensible and derogatory language, he left for Martin. The world may be crashing down on Incognito, but by using online reputation management, or ORM, he can repair his image and start anew.

Incognito has a regular history of poor behavior, one that includes assault, drug use and the notoriety of being the NFL's "dirtiest player" in 2009, as voted by his fellow peers. Up until the Martin controversy, Incognito was trying to redeem his image. He was awarded with his first Pro Bowl appearance last year, and has since won over many teammates through his changed behavior and solid performance. But this most recent incident has erased whatever progress he made.

What can a person like Incognito do to fix his image? First, he needs to seek out some counseling, but after that, he’ll need to think about an image makeover. Using ORM, he has the ability to sidestep the damage and give his name time to recover. Additionally, he can seek to promote the positive aspects of his character, like his play on the field, Pro Bowl experience, growing support from teammates, and cooperation with the press. If he has a social media page, it’s most likely defaced by a load of criticism by now. But, as much as he would like to respond to the comments, he must “weather the storm,” as he’s been quoted saying publicly, and let the story fizzle out on its own.

There's also Martin, the victim of Incognito's bullying. While he may be seen by most with sympathy, he will now be viewed as being “weak” because he wasn’t able to stand up to Incognito himself. Although normal society would never call a victim of bullying “weak,” the NFL culture is far different. His perceived weakness may be the one black mark on his resume that will prevent Martin from finding another job in the league.

In Martin’s case, ORM could be used to strengthen his image. Instead of fearfully ignoring the problem, he could be portrayed as someone who chose to handle the bullying privately instead of creating a national spectacle in the public arena. This could be published online through ORM services to give legitimacy to his argument.

The top ORM company, 
Centel Media™, has all of the tools people like Incognito and Martin might need to repair their images. The firm offers online content suppression, which removes negative or slanderous media from the public eye. Alongside these services, Centel Media™ publishes press releases to redirect attention to the positive attributes of the client. Centel Media™can also build up social media pages with social media creation and optimization services.

It will take these two quite a while to recover from their respective ordeals, but with proper ORM assistance, they don't have to hide forever.

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Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
Matthew Shaffer,
Centel Media™