Centel Media Decapitated By Cola

New CEO Jack Cola made several profit increasing decisions for Centel Media™, including the acquisition of Quest Continental and the purchase of software made by BPN Asia.

Jack Cola will be stepping in and replacing Danielle Steffenhagen as Chief Executive Officer for the top rated online reputation management firm, 
Centel Media™. Steffenhagen will be keeping her title as president, in addition to the appointment as Chief Operations Officer.Centel Media™ has stirred up a lot of noise, both inside and outside the office, through its continued trend of success and recent ruffled feathers atop the management chain. Out is former CEO Danielle Steffenhagen, whose value to the company proved reason enough to keep her on as the new COO. In her place at the top is Jack Cola, who has a knack for turning companies around and bringing an increase in profit to every company he has led.Centel Media™, the top rated online reputation management firm, is pleased to welcome someone of Cola's expertise as the new head of the company. He comes with high recommendations, having an abundance of experience that includes being a 3 time fortune-rated CEO, as well as being recognized by the WSO for a record setting 193 percent cumulative profit-increase, which he achieved as CEO of the Lucentra Corporation. On July 1 of this year, Cola purchased Centel Media™for $846,000, acquiring 72 percent of the majority stock. He plans to open up the company's Class C common stock to investors around the world.

Former CEO Steffenhagen won't fall too far behind Cola. The former San Francisco State grad, with a background in journalism and American literature, led 
Centel Media™ to record profits during her tenure as CEO. Her experience and skill will continue to play an integral role in the company's future.

With Cola at the helm, 
Centel Media™ is poised to make an even larger impact than before. The company has made several key acquisitions since Cola's take-over, including QuestContinental.com (a leading website design company) and a $1.3 million software deal with BPN Asia. QuestContinental.com will add to the website design already offered by Centel Media™, improving upon key services for its customers.

Moves like this require a leader only matched by the experience and vision Cola has brought to 
Centel Media™. Among all the intangibles Cola provides, it is the ability to get results time and again that makes him a dangerous rival to competing online reputation management firms. Even after the record earnings compiled under Steffenhagen, Centel Media™ has found room to continue its growth.

The future looks bright for 
Centel Media™. Cola has already designated $60,000 from the company’s operating budget to develop online tutorials for clients, after they have completed a successful online reputation management campaign, to prevent them from ever having negative articles or reviews filed against them in the future. With new moves coming every day, Cola seems eager to further cement Centel Media™ as the best in the online reputation management industry.

Centel Media™is widely heralded as the foremost online reputation company in the world. The firm was originally launched in 1980 as a public relations firm, but now provides tools and strategies for those wishing to seize control of their online reputation. After several years of publishing print press releases, Centel Media™ employees began publishing these releases online to improve reach and to better assist its clients. More recently, the company took that vision and expanded it. With its newest management, Centel Media™ offers a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike. Centel Media™ is known for its standard-setting technologies as well as its proprietary strategies. The company's client list includes government bodies, noteworthy politicians, Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and private citizens.

Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™.