Businesses Suffer the Wrath of ObamaCare

The implementation of ObamaCare will be a difficult transition for many companies, but a proper online reputation can help ensure steady business.

ObamaCare, otherwise known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, will be remembered as the most controversial legislation passed during Obama’s presidency. ObamaCare’s financial impact has worried many businesses. Without the proper approach, the law may sink companies who don’t prepare for the burden of new health care costs. Companies need to reassess their business from top-to-bottom and utilize all available strategies in order to overcome whatever loss may come with ObamaCare’s implementation.

While the government is busy focusing on ironing out all of ObamaCare’s problems, businesses should consider how the bill will affect them. Those who stand to gain the most from this bill are the smaller of the small businesses, but those with fifty or more employees will be forced to spend more on employee health care if they haven't already. In effect, the bill's design helps even the playing field for "mom and pop" businesses by equalizing health care costs, while, at the same time, forcing larger companies to be more accountable for their employees' health care support. The downside is the temporary transition period for all employers that will force cutbacks, whether this be passing costs to the consumer, employee hour cuts, or hiring freezes. These effects will be most difficult on the larger small businesses, who have a decent amount of money but don't have the spending power of corporations. In any case, it’s wise to consider new ways to increase profit margins so that cuts won’t damage company growth.
Centel Media™ can provide services to counteract loss. As the top-rated online reputation management (ORM) company, Centel Media™ is committed to helping all businesses improve and optimize their online systems so they can take advantage of a wider audience. To make social media platforms more efficient, Centel Media™ offers social media optimization, which generates more traffic to brand pages without the need for expensive advertising campaigns. To further the exposure,Centel Media™ has AdWords optimization to increase a company's appearance on search engines when potential customers type in keywords. They also create press releases and employ negative suppression techniques on articles, videos, reviews, and images that appear online so the consumer’s attention will be focused on achievements, not slander.

Those who are severely impacted by this bill will be looking for ways to maximize the use of resources to maintain the status quo. Utilizing good ORM services is the key to surviving ObamaCare with their company intact. These small but important steps can help avoid disaster, all while keeping a leg-up on the competition.

Centel Media™:

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Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
Matthew Shaffer,
Centel Media™