Centel Media: A View From The Top

Success in business calls for the strong ability to adapt and change, Centel Media™ has done just that; CEO Jack Cola spoke openly about the changes taking place within the company.

Most recently, 
Centel Media™ embraced their online vision and expanded their reach to a wider audience of clients, ranging from high-profile politicians to small companies. With Jack Cola as the new CEO and majority shareholder, drastic changes in the firm’s services have been introduced and implemented over the course of his short tenure. Centel Media™ is now a full-service online reputation management (ORM) company, offering just about anything an individual or business might need to improve their online presence. They now include services in negative content suppression, blog creation, and website design.

Among their list of trendy services is their informative videos. Written and produced by 
Centel Media™, the videos teach clients everything they need to know about ORM. Another entirely new service is said to be released soon. “The Total Protection Plan” will offer clients a wall of protection by packaging all of Centel Media™ services into one. The plan provides clients with the same level of coverage Centel Media™ uses on their own online reputation.

The move to an online-centered company also assures their stance to bring an overall “green initiative” to the company, promoting global betterness and quality of life. In addition to their “green initiative,”
Centel Media™ possesses an ethics board; an uncommon practice in the business of online reputation management. Before partnering with Centel Media™, all customers are pre-screened by an ethics committee. Clients must meet the strict standards held by Centel Media™ in an effort to protect the public from potential threats to society. On the subject of their ethical standards, Cola said “I’m not here to make people a better criminal.” Although the company does work to suppress negative material online, as well as boost positive content, Centel Media™. is in no way designed to assist dishonest or untrustworthy brands or individuals.

Drastic changes within the company and its management don’t just stay at the top. As for their current employees, adapting and learning the new tactics and strategies introduced by Jack Cola have tested and proven the professionalism and skill of the 
Centel Media™. staff. With the leadership of Jack Cola, Centel Media™. quickly became the top-rated online reputation management firm across the nation. They continue to provide clients with the most reliable and affordable ORM services in the industry.

Centel Media™:Centel Media™ is widely known as the leading online reputation management company. Originally established in 1980 as a public relations firm, Centel Media™ now provides tools and strategies for those aspiring to gain control of their online reputation. Recently, with new management, the company expanded their entire approach and mission, now offering a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike.

Courtney Fisher,
Assistant Press Secretary,
Matthew Schaffer,
Centel Media™