Blockbuster Busted by the Competition

The once great video rental chain has finally fallen. But could it have been saved?

Physical video and DVD rentals are coming to an end. DISH, the company that owns what's left of Blockbuster, will cease operations at all remaining stores early next year. This has been an inevitability for Blockbuster ever since it filed for bankruptcy in 2010, and with the advent of digital services, the chore of driving to Blockbuster in order to get a few movies to watch over the weekend was rendered completely unnecessary. Like any business, there were opportunities for Blockbuster to fix its problems. However, it’s often difficult for once-dominant companies to completely start anew after trends change against them. Maybe, if they had properly managed their reputation, Blockbuster would still be going strong today; different, yet keeping the core of their identity the same.

Blockbuster's biggest problem was that it never adjusted to the advances in digital technology. If it did, it would be today's Netflix or Redbox. Instead, it became the Borders and Tower Records of the video world. Its rental model worked back in the ‘90s and early 2000s because videotapes and DVDs were physical items that had to be handled in-person. When digital distribution arrived and became more and more popular with the public, there wasn't much the company could do to save its standard operations.

Blockbuster's other problem was the rather horrible reputation it had with its customers. Many complained that the stores weren't managed well, with tapes and DVDs out of place along the walls, unhelpful employees, long waits for popular movies to become available, and a vicious return policy. This negativity persisted throughout the company's lifespan, and will continue to haunt the franchise until its final closing days in January.

If Blockbuster invested in a reputation management firm, it may have repaired its image and still have a shot at making a comeback. This kind of rebranding is something 
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While Blockbuster may have fallen by the wayside, there is much to learn from what it did wrong. With the proper ORM/SEO management, a troubled business can avoid the fate of Blockbuster and find a second chance at success.

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Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
Matthew Shaffer,
Centel Media™