Obama Needs Centel Media

The troubled healthcare.gov website underwent a major overhaul, but problems still exist. What could be done to improve it?

The launch of the website for the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, was met with hope, but ended in disappointment. While the idea behind the website was admirable, especially in today's modern digital age, its implementation was a disaster. Not only has the website failed to operate properly, with notorious server troubles hindering functionality for users, but those who were supposed to be transitioning to the program found out their healthcare plans actually increased, as opposed to Obama's previous statements denouncing hikes in healthcare costs. The website has undergone several changes since its laughable opening attempt, but this has marred what should have otherwise been a historic piece of legislation. With the proper maintanence and the help of an online reputation management firm like 
Centel Media™, the healthcare.gov website can regain its footing and save Obamacare’s legitimacy.

The Obama administration has made a lot of changes to the website since its creation, but problems still remain. As it stands, the homepage is largely made up of spread-out words, all trying to attract the attention of would-be healthcare customers. The site has a complete lack of focus on any one area, which can be noticed just by browsing through the site's various pages and resources. While it is easy to obtain more specific information in the marketplace section of the site, there are no links to get back to the marketplace itself. It's as if the site’s content was placed without consideration for its ease of access or overall functionality.

That being said, the emphasis on outreach, specifically regarding social media, blogging, and email, is to be commended. As shown by the White House's army of Twitter staffers and followers, the Obama administration understands the importance of communicating with the people who will be utilizing the program. Every page has ways to access three of the largest sources of online social media and video content, as well as simple email tabs which makes it easy for those who are less familiar with social media and internet use in general to send in questions to the administration’s customer support. Despite their solid presence on social media, there is more that needs to be done to make the site fully functional. 
Centel Media™ could increase traffic to healthcare.gov through search engine and social media optimization, all while ensuring operations stay consistent, even at a high capacity.
Centel Media™ expertise in website design and server stability is well documented. The ORM firm boasted complete server stability this Black Friday weekend despite the stampede of customers looking for deals online. The firm’s acquisition of famed website design company QuestContinental has added to their professional experience in creating, maintaining, and operating quality websites for clients. To this end, the company provides a website design service that would reduce website clutter and create a more focused product with the goal of making a site like healthcare.gov as easy to access as possible.
Centel Media™ provides all sorts of resources which could help a website, like the current iteration of healthcare.gov, get off the ground. Along with its website design and social media services, this ORM company provides products such as press releases, Wikipedia submissions, and negative online content suppression, along with the other aforementioned services. If only the Obama administration had been more cautious when developing healthcare.gov and sought out some proper help when it was needed. If they did, maybe Obamacare’s site would’ve been praised, instead of looked down on as a disaster.

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Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
Matthew Shaffer,
Centel Media™