Centel Media Helps You Stand Strong

Without a solid foundation, things begin to crack and become damaged. definitions.centelmedia.com/online-reputation.html wants to make sure clients have a strong foundation for online reputation, to ensure negativity doesn't rise back to the top.

Without a solid foundation, anything built is bound to fall, leaving you right where you were before you began the process of building, from square one. Anything that isn't carefully researched or supported by facts can be just as damaging as a weak foundation. Both are going to produce similar results and can be avoided by researching and developing a strong foundation that makes it nearly impossible to take you down with just one blow.

All big companies need a rugged system to play the role of enforcer, making sure that whatever is being said about you is up to your standards and giving the most honest reviews possible. These enforcers are given the task to search the internet far and wide, going places that only few search engines would care to. But, that's the job of the enforcer, to do the job no one wants to do. There is nothing beautiful about it. There will be no parties or celebrations for you. There is none needed, though in all honesty, your satisfaction comes from knowing that you are the foundation of your company. You ensure that as long as you are working, it will continue to thrive, prosper and out do all rivals. The stronger your hub, the more successful your company is because it has done its fair share of researching targeted areas that were sensitive to your company and have now turned those into strengths. We can't forget social media and its presence, but your team has you covered and has made sure you are properly represented from Facebook to Twitter. Less time spent on these task means more time to spend on other profit increasing projects.

A company that wants to survive and eventually expand has to invest in a good R&D team or as I call them, enforcers. What they mean to your company cannot be understated or undervalued. Having them do proper research is beneficial to you because it makes sure everyone’s hard work is not going to waste. If your marketing, promotion and other parts of your business are intact but you have a bad online reputation, it overrides everything that you have built so far. You have nothing to support you if you are faced with negative reports online or false rumors are being spread about you on social media or any reputation management situation. What a great R&D team does for you is gives you peace of mind knowing you can go full speed ahead with your company, because you know your foundation is solid and won't crumble under pressure.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,
Centel Media.


Centel Media Reviews First Impressions

Online reviews on an individual or a business can have a huge impact on first impressions.  Centel Media™ can help suppress negative reviews and other negative content to increase customers and viewers who may otherwise be deterred by negativity.

Imagine working hard to build your brand from the ground up. Imagine the blood, sweat and tears, the sacrifices you've made to ensure that your work reaches the masses. But, in one instant your dream becomes a nightmare. Slander, false information and other negative reviews are what people come across when they Google you or your brand. This is sad, but it’s often a reality for any business big or small. No matter the size, the effect can do damage that can take years to correct.

When looking up a company, as a consumer, I want the most honest reviews and results that can be given so I can decide if its worth doing business with this company. Negative results won't deter me, as they are a part of business. You take the good with the bad, no one is perfect. However lots of times there can be an overwhelming amount of negative reviews that may seem too good to be true. Most of the time, a company has fallen victim to someone giving false reviews about their company. An action like this can't be ignored no matter how much money your company makes. We live in a global society and word can spread very fast. Before you know it, revenues from all over the world are dropping as result.

In a perfect world, you want to entirely avoid having this happen. But as it turns out, it’s very hard to control billions of people with access to the internet and time on their hands. What we can do in the meantime is use reputation management. Reputation management helps a company give a wonderful first impression when searched on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. What you see is what you get, and as a business, you most certainly want your customers to see you in the most positive view possible. Along with favorable Google searches you will also have great exposure to the social network, which is just as important as anything else. In fact, one can argue that in today's society, a proper social network reputation can assure your brand’s success as it connects you all over the world. While false reviews and slander can never define your company, they can impact your market share and revenue. Most importantly, they can impact your relationships with customers, both current and new. It's imperative to make sure you are doing everything in your power to make sure we see the best that you have to offer as a business and you won't have a problem building a strong loyal customer fan-base.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,
Centel Media.


Centel Media Weighs the Good and Evil of Social Media

Social media sites have a huge impact on online reputation these days. They can be a source for positivity, and they can also be a weapon for our rivals. It's necessary to maintain these sites to maintain online reputation.

Much can be said about the influence of social media and its role in today's society. Some of it's good and some of it's bad, but there is no denying that it has firmly entrenched itself in all of our lives whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. As the years have progressed, the role of social media has expanded from simply connecting with your family and peers, to Fortune 500 companies throwing millions of dollars to networks like Facebook to advertise their product to the millions of users that visit each day. What this shows is that social media has now become, in some instances, a savior for businesses who begin to track how many hits their Twitter feed might get or how many likes their Facebook page has.

Businesses are taking a more active role in social media and are capitalizing on its ability to connect with fans from all across the world. Visit any website and you are bound to see a company promoting their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Not engaging in social media is too risky in today's fast moving world. Most major business can afford to hire their own social media team to make sure customers are getting constant updates, as well as any perks they might be offering (such as discounts for following on Facebook). Being able to connect with your fans is a great thing, but we can't forget that the main purpose of a business is to make money. Visibility through social media strengthens that.

Social media has unintentionally become a tool for spying on rival businesses. Businesses are realizing that merely competing for market share or earnings will severely stunt their growth. They are now trying to out do each other based on how many likes their Facebook page gets. This has been used as a measuring stick for success. More is better. More likes means more hits to your website. This results in revenue increases because you gave customers an incentive to purchase something by offering them a discount for following you on Facebook or Twitter. It's a domino effect on a larger scale and when competing businesses see that the revenue for their rival goes up with the help of social media--they quickly want a piece of the action. The world of business has changed right in front of us with the help of the consumer and our never ending desire to have access to all things we love 24 hours a day. The landscape has changed from 10 years ago when you would look to your daily paper for coupons. Today, we can simply have coupons sent to us via email from any social media site, and we are able to redeem the offer in the store right off of our phones.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,
Centel Media


Centel Media Becomes a Part of Two Worlds

The most powerful people make the easiest targets to hit. Protect yourself from all attacks that can diminish your brand.

Being a celebrity or a person of famous status has perks that the average person can only dream of. Whether it’s going to fashion shows all over the world or VIP treatment at the hottest restaurant in town, it doesn't get much better than that. As easy as it may seem to get to the top, one little rumor or claim can rapidly bring all the special treatment to a standstill and leave you trying to repair your reputation.

There are two worlds: the world that normal people live in and the celebrity world. The job of a celebrity is very hard. One must try and save face in both worlds and not manage to get caught up in any type of scandal that can destroy your image in both worlds.

Believe it or not, your favorite celebrity is a brand and that brand is represented every time they step outside into the public eye. It is in their best interest to make sure they are staying clear and away from trouble. If they don’t, the brand in which they represent becomes diminished. The same path should be taken when it comes to social media activity as well. Since the rise of social media, celebrities are constantly being crucified for something they put on Facebook or Twitter.

A person should never get too personal when it comes to posting things on social media. No matter what it is, often times words get twisted around and then you have celebrities blaming the media for this misunderstanding. One must understand that when you put something online 50 percent of people will understand it in the context you put it in and the other half will try and make a big story out of nothing.

When situations like this arise, it is in your best interest to have either a great PR team on standby or quickly hire an online reputation management firm to help with beginning the process of rebuilding your brand back up to respectability. These two options are very necessary, because as soon as your name becomes embroiled in some type of trouble, online press will have a field day with you. Online searches for social media will often lead you to the bad, not the good. It doesn't matter how much money you donated or what good you did, the bad is going to overshadow that.

The best way to deflate the hype bubble is getting a professional team or firm to help you. Doing this all by yourself will take too much of your time and is not the best method. You might feel compelled to argue back, which is the worst thing you can do. Doing it the right way ensures you that your brand will make it out and be stronger than ever which can only mean success for your career.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,
Centel Media


Centel Media Promotes Blogging as a Positive Asset for Reputation

Blogging doesn't follow the beaten path of its other social media counterparts. It gets a little more in depth and allows users to get personal on levels that other sites won't.

Blogging is considered to be a platform for individuals to express their creativity in ways that sites like Facebook and Twitter can't. It's not that these sites won't allow it, but they don't grant the creative space necessary for extensive pieces of work. Blogging has become a way for anyone to vent, express, discuss and do just about anything else imaginable when it comes to individuality.

It is very easy to see why blogging can be pushed to the back of the social media network line. It is not the "sexy" choice to want to connect with friends and family unlike a Facebook or Twitter account. But what blogging lacks in appeal, it most certainly makes up for in the freedom department. As alluded to earlier, blogging allows its users to become one with whatever they choose to write. It is almost like a judgement free zone when it comes to blogging. Blogging gives users room to express and explain if need be, unlike other social media sites where if something is deemed controversial by a user's peers, and he or she is are at the mercy of their ridicule.

Recently, blogging has started to pick up steam in the business world as way to market and connect with fans that don't follow them on the traditional social media platforms. This is a great idea. More businesses should get involved in blogging. It is very easy to promote through Facebook or Twitter, but blogging requires a certain level of creativity that goes above and beyond what other sites require. To blog for a business shows that the blogger is are versatile and he or she wants to connect with customers from all over, not just the ones who follow the business on Facebook.

Each social media network has its place. They all play an integral role in helping a business expand, promote and market. Instagram allows users to post pictures. Twitter allows users to give minute by minute updates on any breaking news, and Facebook can help market products and promote. Blogging plays the role of being abstract and thought provoking and lets the customer really get a chance to see what the company is like. While all these sites are different, they have the common goal of supporting each business and doing its part to make sure it is successful as it can be.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,
Centel Media.


Centel Media Helps Expand Client's Brands

Expanding your business online is just as good as opening up a physical store. It allows you to do business without borders which is how all business should be done.

There should never be a moment that you should feel like your business can't be helped and is destined to fail. There are many options that are available for businesses big, small, domestic or international.

Considering all the odds you have faced to get your business off the ground and up and running, you are one of the lucky ones. If you are fortunate enough to keep operating after 5 years or so, then you are truly lucky and now in good company. The odds of most businesses surviving after 5 years is slim to none, but if you are one of the fortunate few to do so, then count your blessings.

There comes a point in time when you might feel stuck in place and that there is nothing that you can do to bring your business out of the monotony. This can very well be the end for your business because you might feel uninspired. This could start a drop off of the quality of work that you once produced so proudly. To avoid feeling like this, it is best you find ways to change your work environment or expand your business by maybe opening up another store or creating a website and getting active on social media.

The hard work that went into opening up your first store might be too much, so the next best thing to do is to create a website for your company. By creating a website you are expanding virtually. You are now reaching an audience in another country--something you couldn't do with just one store.This expansion will not only net you more profit in the long run but it improves your brand's reputation. Because you are now able to do business in countries other than your own, you now have increased your visibility. This puts you and your company in the good graces of all your customers.

While expanding and creating a website may provide much financial success, it is a lot of hard work. It can take a lot out of you and away from the business you are running. However, there is an ace in the hole and now is the perfect time to use it. You chose to hire 
Centel Media™  to help maintain your online reputation as well as help create your website, domain name and web designCentel Media™  also helps with your presence on social media, which is just another added benefit. With newfound inspiration and the assistance from a well established, professional company, the feeling of being stuck should be in the past. You now have the opportunity to make an even bigger impact with your business.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,

Centel Media™.


Centel Media Acquires Quest Continental

Combining Quest Continental’s analytics and web designing platforms with  Centel Media™ online reputation management, social media and search engine optimization will provide clients with unparalleled results. Centel Media™ is pleased to announce it has just acquired the majority stock of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com), a web solutions company that specializes in new domain registration, web design, marketing and analytics. As a part of the takeover of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com)  Centel Media™will celebrate by (for a limited time only) giving away FREE WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES. Customers will now have the option of choosing from over 1,000 web design templates as well as being able to register domain names both in the U.S. and internationally.

Benefits of this promotion include features such as Google maps, photo gallery, slideshow, contact forms, Google search box, HD video, audio clips, document upload, YouTube videos, flash, file uploads, integrated PayPal shopping cart (FREE standard version), Google AdSense, custom HTML, social polling and surveying, social media integration, RSVP forms, feed readers, calendar bookings and forums, all of which should greatly enhance the attraction and fluidity of all sites. Customers will also get a complimentary FREE mobile site fully accessible from smartphones and/or tablet devices. With this service, there is no need to edit the mobile site. The changes made to the desktop site will automatically update to the mobile sites.

In addition to the above features, customers will also enjoy the benefits of adding site descriptions, meta keywords, footer code (for Google analytics), header code (for Google webmaster tools), the ability to hide websites from search engines, and the ability to configure 301 redirects.
 Centel Media™ feels that allowing customers to utilize these tools will increase the ability to maintain a personal or business online reputation. Giving these services away for free proves that Centel Media™  is the best choice for every online need.

Companies that use Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) for Facebook and Twitter design will still be able to utilize those services as they originally had. The acquisition will merely change inner workings to further benefit customers, who will now have access to free website design services. Moreover, analytics played a major part in the takeover of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com). Not only are analytics beneficial for 
Centel Media™ clients, but Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) services also included giving very detailed reports on how much traffic a website would bring in. As a component of this, Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) would assist in showing if a customer’s marketing plans were effective in attracting customers to a website. Analytics plays a big part in Centel Media™ overall plan-- analytics assist with reputation management for companies when they are searched online.

Often times, people have websites that are built into other web developing sites that are not receptive to positive reputation management changes. This can mean that whenever the company is being searched, certain keywords and tags are being applied that show the company in a negative light. Pairing analytics with 
Centel Media™ software allows for SEO terms to come up with the optimal results regarding your company. Acquisitions sometimes end up changing the nature of the company that is being taken over. However, this is not the case with the takeover of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) by Centel Media™Centel Media™ has integrated all aspects of Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com), making the transition easy for both Centel Media™ clients as well as existing Quest Continental (Quest Continental.com) customers.

Quincy Grant,
Creative Writer,
Centel Media.


Centel Media Lends a Hand in ORM (Press Release Point)

When receiving negativity online, the worst thing someone can do is respond negatively or leave it alone. Both tend to make the situation worse.Centel Media™ is here to help clients manage and improve their online reputations.

Everyone needs someone to be there for them, no matter how strong a person appears. A helping hand is something that can never be overstated, underrated or passed over. If it's there and can fill a need, it's in a person's best interest to take it on. The results can only be positive.

When it comes to help with a customer's online profile and managing online reputation, few people know where to start. Some people want to try and tackle the problem on their own which is understandable. There are also people who would rather not deal with the problem. Instead, they let it manifest itself and get worse as the day passes on. Reputation management is a tool that can be used for anyone looking to improve their online profiles as well as their reputations. When searched online, the amount of negativity that can arise on the first few pages is remarkable, and even shocking. Some negative content might not even hold any truth, but nonetheless, these postings are up for everyone see. Reputation management is there to help change the culture of a customer's online profile. It does that by making sure anytime the individual or the company is searched, the most positive results are shown first, giving the best impression about the company. Reputation management also helps to keep customers protected from malicious sites that might target via a spam mailing list. Even worse, these sites may give out a virus that can shut entire systems down. Monitoring online reputation is just as important as changing it. Many people are busy with trying to run their businesses on a daily basis, and in all likelihood, not many of them have time to devote to monitoring what's being said online. A reputation management company takes on that task so others can focus on their daily lives and business operations.

Taking the helping hand of a reputation management company is proven to be beneficial and can make all the difference in a company's performance, as well as its profit, which is the most important. Those who choose to sit back and watch their reputations go down the drain will wish they took the opportunity when they had the chance. After all, everyone can use a helping hand once in a while.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,
Centel Media.


Centel Media Takes An Interest In Pinterest

Take advantage of all social media accounts and tools that become available. Pinterest is a new tool that should be taken into consideration.

As many already know, there are different social media accounts that are necessary to take part of in order to take advantage of all the tools that can benefit business. However, the newest social media tool that has come about is Pinterest. Pinterest lets users channel traffic to their blogs, giving connected websites more publicity.

Publicity is obviously something everyone would want for their business, because it helps gain customers and earn a positive reputation. Adding pictures from a blog into Pinterest is a good way to make an impact and attract customers. Users should only be adding pictures that are relevant to your business and that are unique.

Pictures that are unique are the ones that get pinned. Common or boring pictures do not make the same impact on the page. While applying the pictures to Pinterest, remember to apply the option to "pin it." This way all information will be shared with others so that each user can continue attracting people to his or her page and channel the traffic of people towards a main site.

How do users get people to pin their images? Simple, ask them to. This results in a greater traffic flow of people towards blogs and webpages. Inserting a URL that is unique and applying to the images or blogs on the user's page is another great example of how to generate more flow. The most important thing to remember is to take advantage of the social media tools that are out there. Business owners want to make themselves noticeable and presentable, but at the same time, professional.

Maintaining a hack free account is also very important to remember, because even though social media accounts and tools help build an online reputation, they could also destroy them. Business owners and individuals must maintain and protect their online reputations and make sure to take all precautions. 
Centel Media™helps clients maintain their online reputations, and therefore, business owners should consider hiring a online reputation management company in order to sustain an positive image online. So many things can go wrong when it comes to the internet in today's technological world and users should make sure they take the right steps from preventing that from happening, or at the very least, fix the issues at hand.

Brian Barajas,
Content Writer,
Centel Media.


Centel Media Now Manages World's Largest Cable Provider

Centel Media™ will begin working with the Comcast Center in Philadelphia to manage its online reputation.Centel Media™, the top online reputation management company specializing in maintaining and managing the reputations of honest individuals and businesses of all sizes, will now be managing the online reputation of the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. The center is one of the offices made home to the world’s largest cable provider. The deal made will allow Comcast Center workers to continue with everyday business while knowing the company’s online reputation is protected.

The Comcast Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is 58 stories high and is the fifteenth tallest building in the United States; it is the tallest in Philadelphia. Inside the center, Comcast employees work to deliver services dealing in global media and technology. Much of this exists under Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal, two big name businesses in global media. By bringing in the knowledge and expertise of 
Centel Media™, the Comcast Center will become an even greater force in its field.Centel Media™ has worked with various types of clients to maintain positive online reputation. It helps clients reduce false or defamatory negative content on major search engines by introducing positive content, in whatever form needed. Centel Media™ also generates content for clients that may not have negative content, but merely want to raise positive awareness.

Because anyone may need online reputation management services, 
Centel Media™ approaches each client with individual guidance and assistance. Clients’ cases may differ based on whether the client is an individual, a small business, or a large sized business. Cases may also differ based on the severity of negativity in the client’s online reputation. However, Centel Media™ does not take on any client. Clients have to have a positive, honest background to use Centel Media™ services, which is why it is different from any other online reputation management company. The Comcast Center in Philadelphia fits this description with ease.

The Comcast Center in Philadelphia is part of a very popular, well-known company. As such, the management of its online reputation will be individualized from some of 
Centel Media™ other clients. The center is undoubtedly one of the biggest brand names Centel Media™ has worked with. Therefore, the project will be a highly rewarding endeavor for both sides. The project with the Comcast Center in Philadelphia will begin immediately.

Arthur Long,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media.


Centel Media Exclusively Aids Candid Clients

Centel Media™  announces they only take on ethical clients for online reputation management, something that separates the company from all others in the field.Centel Media™  is an honest, reputable company and would never protect unethical people or businesses. This alone is a huge part of what differentiates Centel Media™  from other online reputation management companies. Other online reputation management companies will take on any client that comes to them with negativity. To these companies, any client is money.Centel Media™ has ethical standards and each client has to fit these standards. Each time Centel Media™  finds a potential client, an ethics attorney firm does a prescreening of that client. Centel Media™  does not take on child rapists, molesters, murders, or anyone who can be seen as a legitimate threat to society. Enron, for example, would not fit into Centel Media™  requirement of an ethical, honest company.Centel Media™  is the top online reputation management company because of its ethical standards. When we take on a client, whether it is a business or an individual, they work to suppress negativity online as well as boost the client’s positive content. Centel Media™  is in no way set out to help dishonest, untrustworthy people. Their goal is to aid society, not hinder it.

Centel Media™ team prides themselves on helping those who want to move up in the world, but may have received some negative comments or other content because of a disgruntled former employee, former friend, customer, or something of the sort. Centel Media™  team is made up of people who have seen others suffer because of an image posted or a comment made online, and understood their hardship. Everything that is posted online can spread quickly, but it does not have to take over your life. However, just like society makes its citizens aware of offenders in the area, Centel Media™  would not assist in taking that knowledge away.

As an online reputation management firm, 
Centel Media™  wants to better the lives of those that have been wronged online. Yet, Centel Media™  looks out for the best interest of everyone else. Safety is a top priority. Any clients that are ethical and are looking to improve their online reputation are always welcome at Centel Media™ Centel Media™  isn’t an evil corporation—they work for the good guys.

Arthur Long,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™ .


Centel Media Plans To Expose Anthony Weiner

Centel Media™ plans to help mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner get his story out to unsuspecting voters before they read the negative articles published by his adversaries.
Centel Media™, the top online reputation management and search engine optimization firm, as rated by its clients, is prepared to help New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. When any negative content surfaces about an individual or business, Centel Media™ helps suppress that content with positive testimonials.

It has been estimated by the top demographic campaign consultant firms of New York City that there are at least 1 million or more registered voters who are unaware of Weiner’s situation. Weiner knows everyone knows what he’s done, but 
Centel Media™ feels that after working with him, the 1 million or more unsuspecting voters will see his version of events, positive links and articles above all negative content when they Google him. These articles and links will reflect the good he has done as a state senator as well as his hopes and dreams for New York.

Most negative reports are published via competitors and disgruntled employees, but in this case, negative content is definitely coming from Weiner’s adversaries. As research shows, less than 5 percent of negative reports online are posted by disgruntled customers. Since Weiner’s negative comments are coming from his adversaries, 
Centel Media™ would like to work with him to better his online situation.

According to Richard Brown, senior vice president of 
Centel Media™, Centel’s number one goal is to move Weiner forward in his campaign as well as to suppress the negative content that is circulating around him. Unlike other online reputation management companies, Centel Media does not make money by creating havoc with their customers. After launching a 30 to 90 day costly campaign, most companies will let a few months pass before resurfacing old reports. This is done by pumping these reports through blog channels and other traffic outlets, or by filing similar negative reports so that a customer returns to that company.
Centel Media™ philosophy is very simple. Centel employees suppress negative content with positive customer testimonials or by publishing truthful articles about the person or business. Centel employees also teach customers how to prevent having another negative article written about them in the future. Some of that involves taking a look at the mistakes.

In addition to utilizing their SEO skills of suppression, 
Centel Media™ employees teach their customers how to manage their businesses so these situations never occur again. Further, they publish these methods to the public to show that corporations are taking steps in the right direction to ensure quality assurance. Centel Media™ has a vast collection of online videos and tutorials that help businesses and almost all industries work on their quality assurance so that they can learn from their mistakes and move forward. Moving forward entitles not only suppressing negative articles, but also growing from the experience a company just had. This can be defined as the Centel Media™ experience, which sets them apart from other online reputation management corporations.

Centel Media™a, they don’t want customers to return. They would prefer that customers learn from the experience and never have to incur negative content again. However, in the event that competitors do produce such content, Centel Media™ also takes preemptive strikes by creating a preemptive layer around the customer’s new positive online reputation. Furthermore, Centel Media™ has an ethics committee comprised of lawyers and private investigators who make sure clients are upstanding and ethical.

This being said, Weiner has shown that he is not a threat, nor a menace to society, just an individual that has made some mistakes and would still like to continue forward doing positive things for his community. He is deserving of having his positive online reputation show his story so that people can understand why it happened and what he’s doing to improve, as well as his overall mission for himself, his family, and the city of New York.

The pictures that surfaced on July 23 are a direct result from his adversaries. These pictures are not new and are resurfacing because Weiner is in the media’s spotlight. He had an indiscretion, but his wife is still beside him because he is human and has made mistakes. Through working with 
Centel Media™, Weiner will be able to explain his side of the story and present it first, before any of the negative content can hit unsuspecting voters.

The company would further like to develop a plan of action with Weiner in order to suppress the negative comments that attack his online reputation. In order to accomplish this, it’s essential that Weiner works with his PR firms for both television and online press, and these firms need to work conjointly.

Through his online reputation and mayoral campaign, Weiner has demonstrated that he has a goal for New York City. Still, the Democratic Party needs to urge Weiner to take 
Centel Media™more seriously in order to move forward. That being said, Weiner is a great choice for New York City Mayor. He has a vision for the city and with Centel Media™ help he will be able to pick up where others have left off.

Arthur Long,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™ 


Smoker's Den PA to Host Drew Estate

Centel Media™ , the top online reputation management and SEO firm, as rated by its clients, has been working with Smoker’s Den PA to manage their online reputation.

On Aug. 9, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Smoker’s Den PA, located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, will proudly host Drew Estate at their luxurious lounge. The event will have food and free cigars. Foremost, it is a social gathering and a chance for people to get a firsthand view and experience the Smoker’s Den PA lounge.

The event is set to spotlight the Joya Nicaragua selection of their collection. Other cigars that will be on hand for the event include Acid, Naturals, Uzi and Undercrown. Drew Estate regional representatives will be available for questions and bulk sales with regards to all of the cigars offered. A tobacconist from Nicaragua will also be at the event to provide further expertise.

For a relaxing place to enjoy a cigar, be sure to stop by Smoker’s Den PA, which is located in East Stroudsburg. It’s a full line tobacco store with a huge walk in humidor and lounge for patrons to sit back, relax and enjoy a cigar.

Few, if any, cigar shops have the proud heritage that Smoker’s Den PA has, having been in service for more than a decade. Plus, it is truly a cigar connoisseurs dream. Part of that proud heritage is because Smoker’s Den PA has had the same owner since its opening, which creates a familiarity with the local customers of the shop. There is a lot of history and knowledge in Smoker’s Den PA. The owner has a vast amount of knowledge in everything tobacco. This helps keep Smoker’s Den PA a down to earth place for customers to relax.

The Smoker’s Den PA products are second to none. Its tobacco is of the best quality around and is very affordable, which makes stopping into Smoker’s Den PA the obvious choice when you want to pick up a cigar or any other tobacco product. What really separates the Smoker’s Den PA from all the other cigar shops is its large walk-in humidor. The humidor gives patrons space to relax and have a look around. Most importantly, the humidor allows patrons to find the different taste they’re craving before enjoying a cigar.

Sticking with the theme of relaxation, the Smoker’s Den PA also has a lounge located in the back along with personal lockers that are available for customers to rent and store their purchases. There is a TV located in the lounge that will more than likely attract a lot visitors when football season begins in September. Having these types of amenities accessible to the public helps create and maintain a friendly customer service oriented environment.

For years Smoker’s Den has been somewhat of a hidden utopia for local residents, especially those that enjoy cigars. As word gets out about this hidden gem, the audience will definitely expand. What Smoker’s Den PA is most proud of besides their products is that they are a friendly company and are welcoming to everyone. It makes them the ideal place to want to catch a ball game, have a business meeting or just unwind from a long workday. Be sure to get out to Smoker’s Den PA and enjoy a bit of luxury.

This article was written by 
Centel Media™, online reputation management experts to Smoker’s Den PA. Centel Media™ is assisting Smoker’s Den PA in boosting their online presence and will continue to manage their presence in the future.

Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™.


Centel Media Revamps Express Firm

Centel Media™ recently took on Expressfirm.com as a new client. Centel Media™ will be giving insight to the legal document and information site on increasing and maintaining its online reputation.
Centel Media™ is pleased to announce that it has taken Express Firm on as a new client, welcoming another reputable company to its growing list of clients. Expressfirm.com is a site that allows its user to create legal documents as well as agreements. Customers have two main categories of what type of documents they choose to create: home and personal documents or business documents. Under home and personal document creation, customers can write documents that include real estate, power of attorney, general contracts, finance and investment as well as divorce and separation.

Each of these documents is broken down into smaller contract sections that are sure to cover any personal document or agreement customers are trying to create. The business document categories include finances, sales and marketing, corporate, technology and real estate. Express Firm provides an online legal library, which is something customers may find to be very resourceful. This service is a benefit in many ways. Instead of looking for a library that merely holds an abundance of legal content, the Express Firm’s legal library is that while being easily accessible so customers can avoid spending time reading for hours on end. The library provides categories that deal with rights of legality, growing a small business, and much more. Express Firm gives customers the option of create their own documents and provides access to a legal library. Any question customers have may be found within the library and throughout the site. Having all of this information on one website drastically reduces time spent on legal searches and greatly increases productivity when it comes to running a business.

Express Firm’s choice to take on 
Centel Media™ services will enhance their traffic and online viewability to better aid their customers.Centel Media™  offers a large range of products and services as an online reputation management company. Essentially, the company boosts positive, truthful content to the top pages of major search engines, giving customers greater access to their customers and anyone else they might be focusing on. With Centel Media™  customers are also given the option to register a domain name, design a web page and gain proper promotion through social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. When customers finish building a foundation for future businesses, Express Firm will be prepared to take care of any legal situations that need to be attended to. Both companies will make expanding a business an easy process which will most certainly translate to success.

Quincy Grant,
Creative Writer,
Centel Media™ .


Centel Media Offers Free DIY Website Builder

From now until Nov. 1, Centel Media™  is offering the public a chance to build their own website free of charge. This opportunity comes with an abundance of benefits and features to help any website thrive.

Centel Media™ , America's leading Online Reputation Management firm (as rated by its clients), is giving customers a chance to create a unique website for no charge. This offer is free for life, but only if customers sign up between now and Nov. 1. Generally, do-it-yourself website builders charge $45 for a year of service. But with this promotion, each client is allowed to create one free site with no page limit. The service will give customers a chance to optimize a site to increase traffic and establish professionalism. It takes mere seconds to draw in a user, so taking advantage of this deal to create an interesting, easy-to-follow website has never been more cost-effective.

Outside of being able to create unlimited, free pages for a site, this promotion also comes with many exciting options to choose from. This includes the possibility to create hundreds of customizable themes, compelling website titles, Twitter code for analytics, header code for Webmaster tools, 301 redirects and favicons. Furthermore, password protection for a website or specific pages within sites and a means to share website updates for Facebook are both included in the service. Links to other website checkout services, PayPal accounts, as well the creation of e-commerce websites can help in the sale of products. In addition, as a site is edited for the web, free mobile site designs, not requiring customization, will be automatically received. This promotion can add photo galleries, slideshows, uploaded files, audio players, videos, embedded documents, flash, maps, YouTube, RSS feed readers, custom HTML, contact forms, customizable buttons, block quotes, social media icons and can be modified with or without headers.

The ability to add that type of content is second to none and can certainly come in handy when trying to attract new customers to a website. Putting up flash and animation, like a YouTube video of a CEO providing a personal message to existing and future clientele, can become an essential asset to any business. These opportunities offer the customer comfort in knowing they are dealing with a reputable company.

Those who don't want to create new websites, but simply need to enhance their existing ones are urged to take advantage of this offer as well. The free service Centel Media™ is promoting can help you or your company a chance not only to attract a larger customer base, but to ensure that your company appears on the top pages of search engine results. But remember, this offer is free for life only till Nov. 1. Centel Media™ will publish instructions for customers, detailing how to set up their main servers. Users can also contact Centel Media™ for help with forwarding their domain names to the host settings.

Quincy Grant,
Creative Writer,
Centel Media™


Centel Media Moves to West Orange, New Jersey

Centel Media™ moves its main offices from the Empire State Building to Prospect Plaza South in West Orange, New Jersey. The move will certainly be a cultivating experience with the establishment into the West Orange market.

In what has already been an amazing year for industry-leading online reputation management firm 
Centel Media™ , the company has announced yet another massive milestone--the relocation of its corporate headquarters to 475 Prospect Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 07052 in Prospect Plaza South. The company has deep roots in the area, having been previously located in the midtown section of nearby New York City. While the offices in New York still handle sales, inbound sales are now routed to West Orange. With its move to New Jersey, Centel Media™  seeks to ingratiate itself further into the local business community, even as it continues to command national media attention. All of this follows a season in which Centel Media™ sustained 400 percent growth and made strides towards completing its goal of hiring 200 new employees in the New York City area.

The relocation of 
Centel Media™ corporate office to West Orange marks the second time this year the company has set up shop. In July, Centel Media™ opened the doors of its full-time sales and recruiting office, a milestone inaugurated with an open house and a call for applications, attracting the top local sales talents. In fact, company president and chief operations officer Danielle Steffenhagen looks at the move as a way for the company to achieve its ambitious 2013 hiring goals. "Our goal for 2013 is to add a total of 200 new jobs, most of them positions right here in the New Jersey area," Steffenhagen affirmed. "We are well on track toward meeting that goal, having already expanded our sales staff considerably."

With newly appointed President and COO Danielle Steffenhagen leading 
Centel Media™ , the company directed its attention at the local talent pool that the Northern New Jersey market can offer. Steffenhagen's vision was to better connect Centel Media™ to this lucrative market. Until the transition is complete, staff from the New York location will provide assistance training new employees at the West Orange location.

This transition comes on the heels of what have already been a busy few months for
Centel Media™ . The company has not only expanded its sales team, but has also welcomed some significant and well-established people into corporate leadership positions. Foremost among them is Richard Brown, who recently signed on as the company's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Media Relations. As a veteran of the marketing sector, Brown brings a vast amount of knowledge with him to Centel Media™ . He now supervises both Centel Media™  campaign strategy as well as its National Accounts division.

There have been other beneficial additions to the 
Centel Media™  Board of Advisors as well. This includes luminaries from the fields of online reputation management, online marketing and government relations. Darrin Governo, former consultant for Google AdWords, along with Rasha Hawkins, former senior managing partner of QuestContinental.com joined the Board of Advisors in May. Also new to the team is Matthew Shaffer, influential blogger and online journalist pioneer whose works are already garnering a considerable amount of attention.

Thus far, in 2013, 
Centel Media™  has sustained 400 percent growth--in every month of the year, the company has set a new sales record. This is partially due to the influx of new sales talents, but also because of the continued growth of the company's National Accounts division. Centel Media™  client list continues to expand, including both government bodies and Fortune 100 brands.
Centel Media™ continues to receive a multitude of national press due to the copious amount of articles receiving attention regarding online reputation management, as well as the grand achievements made in the last couple of months. “Our company is growing dramatically and leading the online reputation management industry further forward--our move to West Orange is the a strategic step in taking that growth to the next level."

Centel Media™ is widely heralded as the foremost online reputation company in the world. The firm was originally launched in 1980 as a public relations firm, but now provides tools and strategies for those wishing to seize control of their online reputation. After several years of publishing print press releases, Centel Media™  employees began publishing these releases online to improve reach and to better assist its clients. More recently, the company took that vision and expanded it. With its newest management, Centel Media™ offers a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike. Centel Media™ is known for its standard-setting technologies as well as its proprietary strategies. The company's client list includes government bodies, noteworthy politicians, Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and private citizens.

Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™.


Centel Media Signs $1.3 Million Deal With BPN Asia

Centel Media™  recently signed a $1.3 million deal with software company BPN Asia, a move that allows the firm to offer prices that are less expensive than any other online reputation management company.

In a blockbuster move, 
Centel Media™ has acquired exclusive software through a partnership with BPN Asia for $1.3 million. This marks the second major deal newly elected Chief Executive Officer Jack Cola has inked since taking the company's leadership position. He, along with President and COO Danielle Steffenhagen, finalized the deal with BPN Asia to provide Centel Media™  with software that improves upon the company's already stellar online reputation management services.

With the addition of BPN Asia's exclusive software, 
Centel Media™  can now offer its customers, both individuals and businesses, an even more in-depth service for their online interests. The software provides Centel Media™  with the tools to improve search engine optimization, along with the suppression and prevention of negative articles or reports. Essentially, BPN Asia's partnership with Centel Media™  ensures that customers will have a thorough assessment that exposes areas of improvement for all their domain names.
Centel Media™ 's deal with BPN Asia allows for clients to gain a well-insulated position on the Internet, with the ability to handle negative comments and prevent them from reoccurring. With the new software,Centel Media™ can inspect one or more domain names and understand which of them are vulnerable to negative article attacks. After knowing a domain name's vulnerability, Centel Media™  can then provide a layer of protection against negative reports.

This new addition comes with other perks as well. If other domain names that may be relevant to an individual or business exist, 
Centel Media™  software will determine which are the best to develop. The software can also detect which social media sites a customer is on, and which types of articles should be posted on the site. Centel Media™ will also be able to post across all top level domains and simultaneously on all social media platforms. The source of a domain name's traffic can now be identified through a thorough investigation that integrates with analytics. Centel Media™  also concludes whether a domain name needs to be found on a specific search engine that's not yielding the correct results, and provide more exposure for the client.

“This purchase is yet another demonstration of 
Centel Media™  unique domination of the ORM and SEO industry,” Danielle Steffenhagen, President and Chief Operations Officer of  Centel Media™, said. “This software has totally automated the process that has monopolized three or four individuals an hour. It will also allow us to lower our prices and provide a better scope of results for our customers. What else could we have asked for?” she added.

BPN Asia LLC was founded in 2010 and has two main offices--one in Irvine, California, and the other in Vietnam. BPN Asia specializes in software development and internalization, quality assurance, and advanced technical support. They have strong IT services that are comprised of enterprise solutions, and maintenance and management. BPN Asia supports its customers by using their unique engagement model platform. This model consists of effort-based pricing, a billing program that gives customers flexibility when choosing projects they want to purchase.
Centel Media™  sought this new, exclusive software from BPN Asia to ensure the best service. Through these enhanced services, Centel Media™ plans to reach out to a wider customer base and prove why it's the top online reputation management company, as rated by its clients. Partnering with the well-established BPN Asia, Centel Media™  continues to improve the quality of its services and give customers the best opportunity to succeed in any online venture.

Centel Media™  is widely heralded as the foremost online reputation company in the world. The firm was originally launched in 1980 as a public relations firm, but now provides tools and strategies for those wishing to seize control of their online reputation. After several years of publishing print press releases, Centel Media™  employees began publishing these releases online to improve reach and to better assist its clients. More recently, the company took that vision and expanded it. With its newest management, Centel Media™ offers a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike. Centel Media is known for its standard-setting technologies as well as its proprietary strategies. The company's client list includes government bodies, noteworthy politicians, Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and private citizens.

Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™.