Steffenhagen to Step Down as CEO of Centel Media

Danielle Steffenhagen steps down as Chief Executive Officer of  Centel Media™  to make room for CEO and majority stockholder, Jack Cola. She remains president and chief operations officer of the company.

Danielle Steffenhagen, former CEO of the top-rated online reputation management firm 
 Centel Media™ , has stepped down and will now stay on as President and Chief Operation Officer of the company. Earlier this year, Jack Cola acquired 72 percent of Centel Media™  stock and assumed control of Steffenhagen's former role as CEO.

Steffenhagen's success started long before she took the position of CEO at 
 Centel Media™ . Native of Sacramento, California, Steffenhagen took to writing at an early age. She sharpened her skill in writing as she grew older, and developed a love for poetry and journalism. Upon graduating high school, she decided to pursue a career in journalistic writing.

She went on to enroll at San Francisco State University, where she focused on journalism, English and American literature. Her college experience provided Steffenhagen with a platform to explore the boundaries of journalism and grow as a writer. In her sophomore year, she interned for the Elk Grove Citizen, where she covered the topics of arts and leisure, and crime and safety. At the Elk Grove Citizen, she worked closely with the Editor-in-Chief, photographers and other staff to learn and gain experience that will prove to be essential in her future career.

During her senior year, Steffenhagen wrote for San Francisco State's newspaper, the Golden Gate Xpress, a weekly print paper that also posted daily online articles. At the paper, she focused on government and politics, writing about city elections, human rights, health care, public education and other pressing topics. Her time at the Golden Gate Xpress fueled her interest in multimedia stories and video production.

Steffenhagen graduated from San Francisco State with a bachelor's degree in print and online journalism and a minor in American literature. She gained an abundance of experience that one could not receive from the classroom alone. She took advantage of all the opportunities she was given and used them to prepare for anything she would face in the future.

All of Steffenhagen's past experiences led her to the seat of CEO at 
Centel Media™ . Although her time as CEO was short lived, Steffenhagen's tenure had no shortage of accomplishments. She helped guide Centel Media™  to impressive profit gains and exposed the company to a wider audience by moving the business online. The skills she developed during her time as CEO will surely be translated to her new role as COO. Her importance will continue to be felt across the company, as she now has a hand in all of Centel Media™  day-to-day operations. With Steffenhagen's leadership, Centel Media™  has a bright future ahead.

Centel Media™  is widely heralded as the foremost online reputation company in the world. The firm was originally launched in 1980 as a public relations firm, but now provides tools and strategies for those wishing to seize control of their online reputation. After several years of publishing print press releases, Centel Media™  employees began publishing these releases online to improve reach and to better assist its clients. More recently, the company took that vision and expanded it. With its newest management, Centel Media™ offers a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike.  Centel Media™ is known for its standard-setting technologies as well as its proprietary strategies. The company's client list includes government bodies, noteworthy politicians, Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and private citizens.

Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™ .