Centel Media Reviews Series of Lurid, Explicit and Vindictive Blogs

Revenge and blogging are a lethal mix for online reputations. Centel Media reviews blogging content which decimates a company.

In an age when people seem to want to share everything online, many have been humiliated by intimate details and even images being held up for all to see. Bloggers claw to get to the top of the most-read food chain by writing content that is the internet equivalent of shock-jock radio commentary. Quin Woodward Pu vaulted herself into infamy with her blogging revenge against the guy who only dated her twice. Other livid and vindictive exes have used blogs and social media to discuss, describe, or completely invent stories about their current target. Lurid bedroom details, spicy innuendo, and disparaging commentary have been posted solely with the intent to shame and humiliate.

A target’s natural reaction will be to fight back. Centel Media reviews blog content as part of online reputation management strategy and issues immediate words of caution. A strong ORM company can make the attacks against someone’s reputation sink to the bottom of the search results. But that won’t happen if there are retaliatory strikes. It’s important to remember what blogs are supposed to be used for and how to use them most effectively.

Blogs have been proven to increase visibility in search engines and drive potential clients to a company’s website. Search engines love new content and rank it higher in search results. The key is to write blogs to gain attention and yet not damage the writer’s own reputation by including content that crosses a professional boundary. Centel Media reviews how to write blogs that will maximize potential on the internet.

First, pick a subject carefully. A company should choose a topic on which it has a lot of knowledge, especially niche subjects. Having this information online will solidify a company’s reputation as an expert in the field.

Next, write about trending and current events. However there will be a lot of competition in this area, so the content has to be engaging and original.

Opinion pieces also go a long way. Blogging is about bringing different ideas and viewpoints to the table. Opinion pieces will generate a lot of traffic as people flock to see what others think about current events.

When Centel Media reviews a company’s blogs, they often recommend a writer should also try to get interviews with people in fields relating to their own. If a blog is about local events, for example, they might interview a local band. This will increase the traffic flow from the desired clientele.

Centel Media reviews blogs because they are an excellent addition to any company’s online reputation management strategy and they can be a great help in promoting a positive, expert image at the top of search engine results.

About Centel Media:
Centel Media is widely known as the leading online reputation management company. Originally established in 1980 as a public relations firm, Centel Media now provides tools and strategies for those aspiring to gain control of their online reputation. Recently, with new management, the company expanded their entire approach and mission, now offering a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike.

Chris MacEachern,
Centel Media