Centel Media Offers Free DIY Website Builder

From now until Nov. 1, Centel Media™  is offering the public a chance to build their own website free of charge. This opportunity comes with an abundance of benefits and features to help any website thrive.

Centel Media™ , America's leading Online Reputation Management firm (as rated by its clients), is giving customers a chance to create a unique website for no charge. This offer is free for life, but only if customers sign up between now and Nov. 1. Generally, do-it-yourself website builders charge $45 for a year of service. But with this promotion, each client is allowed to create one free site with no page limit. The service will give customers a chance to optimize a site to increase traffic and establish professionalism. It takes mere seconds to draw in a user, so taking advantage of this deal to create an interesting, easy-to-follow website has never been more cost-effective.

Outside of being able to create unlimited, free pages for a site, this promotion also comes with many exciting options to choose from. This includes the possibility to create hundreds of customizable themes, compelling website titles, Twitter code for analytics, header code for Webmaster tools, 301 redirects and favicons. Furthermore, password protection for a website or specific pages within sites and a means to share website updates for Facebook are both included in the service. Links to other website checkout services, PayPal accounts, as well the creation of e-commerce websites can help in the sale of products. In addition, as a site is edited for the web, free mobile site designs, not requiring customization, will be automatically received. This promotion can add photo galleries, slideshows, uploaded files, audio players, videos, embedded documents, flash, maps, YouTube, RSS feed readers, custom HTML, contact forms, customizable buttons, block quotes, social media icons and can be modified with or without headers.

The ability to add that type of content is second to none and can certainly come in handy when trying to attract new customers to a website. Putting up flash and animation, like a YouTube video of a CEO providing a personal message to existing and future clientele, can become an essential asset to any business. These opportunities offer the customer comfort in knowing they are dealing with a reputable company.

Those who don't want to create new websites, but simply need to enhance their existing ones are urged to take advantage of this offer as well. The free service Centel Media™ is promoting can help you or your company a chance not only to attract a larger customer base, but to ensure that your company appears on the top pages of search engine results. But remember, this offer is free for life only till Nov. 1. Centel Media™ will publish instructions for customers, detailing how to set up their main servers. Users can also contact Centel Media™ for help with forwarding their domain names to the host settings.

Quincy Grant,
Creative Writer,
Centel Media™