Centel Media Plans To Expose Anthony Weiner

Centel Media™ plans to help mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner get his story out to unsuspecting voters before they read the negative articles published by his adversaries.
Centel Media™, the top online reputation management and search engine optimization firm, as rated by its clients, is prepared to help New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. When any negative content surfaces about an individual or business, Centel Media™ helps suppress that content with positive testimonials.

It has been estimated by the top demographic campaign consultant firms of New York City that there are at least 1 million or more registered voters who are unaware of Weiner’s situation. Weiner knows everyone knows what he’s done, but 
Centel Media™ feels that after working with him, the 1 million or more unsuspecting voters will see his version of events, positive links and articles above all negative content when they Google him. These articles and links will reflect the good he has done as a state senator as well as his hopes and dreams for New York.

Most negative reports are published via competitors and disgruntled employees, but in this case, negative content is definitely coming from Weiner’s adversaries. As research shows, less than 5 percent of negative reports online are posted by disgruntled customers. Since Weiner’s negative comments are coming from his adversaries, 
Centel Media™ would like to work with him to better his online situation.

According to Richard Brown, senior vice president of 
Centel Media™, Centel’s number one goal is to move Weiner forward in his campaign as well as to suppress the negative content that is circulating around him. Unlike other online reputation management companies, Centel Media does not make money by creating havoc with their customers. After launching a 30 to 90 day costly campaign, most companies will let a few months pass before resurfacing old reports. This is done by pumping these reports through blog channels and other traffic outlets, or by filing similar negative reports so that a customer returns to that company.
Centel Media™ philosophy is very simple. Centel employees suppress negative content with positive customer testimonials or by publishing truthful articles about the person or business. Centel employees also teach customers how to prevent having another negative article written about them in the future. Some of that involves taking a look at the mistakes.

In addition to utilizing their SEO skills of suppression, 
Centel Media™ employees teach their customers how to manage their businesses so these situations never occur again. Further, they publish these methods to the public to show that corporations are taking steps in the right direction to ensure quality assurance. Centel Media™ has a vast collection of online videos and tutorials that help businesses and almost all industries work on their quality assurance so that they can learn from their mistakes and move forward. Moving forward entitles not only suppressing negative articles, but also growing from the experience a company just had. This can be defined as the Centel Media™ experience, which sets them apart from other online reputation management corporations.

Centel Media™a, they don’t want customers to return. They would prefer that customers learn from the experience and never have to incur negative content again. However, in the event that competitors do produce such content, Centel Media™ also takes preemptive strikes by creating a preemptive layer around the customer’s new positive online reputation. Furthermore, Centel Media™ has an ethics committee comprised of lawyers and private investigators who make sure clients are upstanding and ethical.

This being said, Weiner has shown that he is not a threat, nor a menace to society, just an individual that has made some mistakes and would still like to continue forward doing positive things for his community. He is deserving of having his positive online reputation show his story so that people can understand why it happened and what he’s doing to improve, as well as his overall mission for himself, his family, and the city of New York.

The pictures that surfaced on July 23 are a direct result from his adversaries. These pictures are not new and are resurfacing because Weiner is in the media’s spotlight. He had an indiscretion, but his wife is still beside him because he is human and has made mistakes. Through working with 
Centel Media™, Weiner will be able to explain his side of the story and present it first, before any of the negative content can hit unsuspecting voters.

The company would further like to develop a plan of action with Weiner in order to suppress the negative comments that attack his online reputation. In order to accomplish this, it’s essential that Weiner works with his PR firms for both television and online press, and these firms need to work conjointly.

Through his online reputation and mayoral campaign, Weiner has demonstrated that he has a goal for New York City. Still, the Democratic Party needs to urge Weiner to take 
Centel Media™more seriously in order to move forward. That being said, Weiner is a great choice for New York City Mayor. He has a vision for the city and with Centel Media™ help he will be able to pick up where others have left off.

Arthur Long,
Press Secretary,
Centel Media™