Walmart Plans to Fight Back with Social Media

Walmart is now working with Centel Media™ to help manage its online reputation.

In a new social media strategy, Walmart is taking a more aggressive approach to its online appearance, enlisting 
Centel Media™, the top-rated online reputation management firm, to handle its tweets. With Centel Media™, Walmart will now be active in managing tweets that may reflect its brand poorly, a big change from Walmart's previously passive attitude towards critical tweets. Through carefully gathered data and statistics, Centel Media™ will show Walmart a deeper understanding of its public appearance and the appropriate way to project itself online.

Social media can be a rough atmosphere for any business, especially one as large as Walmart. Often times, a critic is heard over the voice of a supporter, slanting popular perception. Up to this point, Walmart has chosen to remain hands-off with the negative tweets it receives. The decision to take such tweets head-on shows Walmart's change in company philosophy. By gathering data, Walmart now has a tool that can help them decide which tweets are worth responding to, and which are best left alone.
Centel Media™ will be responsible for gathering this data and engaging with tweets that may damage Walmart's reputation. The firm will use BPN software to plant helpful, informative and positive responses to combat slanderous and negative tweets. Drawing nearly 60,000 mentions on the social media site each day, Walmart has no way of replying to each and every tweet. However, with Centel Media™, Walmart can now focus onto tweets that need responding and install a presence where it once had none.

Since the firm's change to online reputation management (ORM), 
Centel Media™ has worked with numerous notable figures and businesses, including the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. The firm has revolutionized the ORM industry with its top-of-the-line services in search engine and social media optimization. Jack Cola, CEO of Centel Media™, was quoted earlier today, saying that their business with Walmart "will prove the need for corporations and small companies alike to be active in social media and protect their public perception online."

This newly formed relationship between Walmart and 
Centel Media™ will surely benefit both sides. Now, Walmart has the means to handle its online reputation and confront the problematic tweets once left untouched. Centel Media™ continues to build on their impressive list of clients and further establish itself as the premier online reputation management firm in the nation.

Centel Media™:Centel Media™ is widely known as the leading online reputation management company. Originally established in 1980 as a public relations firm, Centel Media™ now provides tools and strategies for those aspiring to gain control of their online reputation. Recently, with new management, the company expanded their entire approach and mission, now offering a vast list of online reputation monitoring and defense services to individuals and brands alike.

Matthew Shaffer,
Centel Media™