Smoker's Den PA to Host Drew Estate

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On Aug. 9, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Smoker’s Den PA, located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, will proudly host Drew Estate at their luxurious lounge. The event will have food and free cigars. Foremost, it is a social gathering and a chance for people to get a firsthand view and experience the Smoker’s Den PA lounge.

The event is set to spotlight the Joya Nicaragua selection of their collection. Other cigars that will be on hand for the event include Acid, Naturals, Uzi and Undercrown. Drew Estate regional representatives will be available for questions and bulk sales with regards to all of the cigars offered. A tobacconist from Nicaragua will also be at the event to provide further expertise.

For a relaxing place to enjoy a cigar, be sure to stop by Smoker’s Den PA, which is located in East Stroudsburg. It’s a full line tobacco store with a huge walk in humidor and lounge for patrons to sit back, relax and enjoy a cigar.

Few, if any, cigar shops have the proud heritage that Smoker’s Den PA has, having been in service for more than a decade. Plus, it is truly a cigar connoisseurs dream. Part of that proud heritage is because Smoker’s Den PA has had the same owner since its opening, which creates a familiarity with the local customers of the shop. There is a lot of history and knowledge in Smoker’s Den PA. The owner has a vast amount of knowledge in everything tobacco. This helps keep Smoker’s Den PA a down to earth place for customers to relax.

The Smoker’s Den PA products are second to none. Its tobacco is of the best quality around and is very affordable, which makes stopping into Smoker’s Den PA the obvious choice when you want to pick up a cigar or any other tobacco product. What really separates the Smoker’s Den PA from all the other cigar shops is its large walk-in humidor. The humidor gives patrons space to relax and have a look around. Most importantly, the humidor allows patrons to find the different taste they’re craving before enjoying a cigar.

Sticking with the theme of relaxation, the Smoker’s Den PA also has a lounge located in the back along with personal lockers that are available for customers to rent and store their purchases. There is a TV located in the lounge that will more than likely attract a lot visitors when football season begins in September. Having these types of amenities accessible to the public helps create and maintain a friendly customer service oriented environment.

For years Smoker’s Den has been somewhat of a hidden utopia for local residents, especially those that enjoy cigars. As word gets out about this hidden gem, the audience will definitely expand. What Smoker’s Den PA is most proud of besides their products is that they are a friendly company and are welcoming to everyone. It makes them the ideal place to want to catch a ball game, have a business meeting or just unwind from a long workday. Be sure to get out to Smoker’s Den PA and enjoy a bit of luxury.

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