What Clooney and Sheen Have in Common

An online reputation needs to be addressed no matter whose it is.

All celebrities, whether they're adored or mocked, need to be active in maintaining their reputation. Those with poor reputations must rebuild their appearance, or stand to be ridiculed and left without future opportunities. Celebrities with good reputations need to track their name to ensure it doesn't fall into controversy or slander that may cause damage to their appearance. In any case, reputations are crucial to balancing a successful career, and what sprouts up online may make all the difference.

You couldn't think up more of a strange pairing than George Clooney and Charlie Sheen. While both have been immensely successful in making money throughout their acting background, they have gone down completely different paths. Clooney has built a name that is fully respected both for his presence on and off the screen. Today, Clooney is one of the most popular and sought after actors alive. He holds several nominations and awards for his acting and producing career, in addition to praise for his humanitarian efforts.

But, even with such a glowing résumé, Clooney is still vulnerable to attacks on his reputation. One negative hit towards Clooney's reputation as a top-notch actor was his role as Batman in Batman and Robin. Clooney handled the movie, largely panned by critics, by making light of it, however, if he took offense to such criticism, his reputation might not look as good as it does today.

On the other hand, Sheen is known for his total collapse at the end of his stay on Two and a Half Men. Despite some of Sheen's more iconic roles in film, or his recent efforts at changing his behavior, it's that post-Men timeframe that continues to define him. When starring as the lead character on Men, he was the highest paid actor on television. He's also been a part of acclaimed movies such as Platoon. But his accomplishments are often undermined by controversy, like his prior assault and drug possession charges.

Online, slanderous content doesn't go away. The only way to truly repair an online presence, is to invest in online reputation management (ORM). A celebrity like Sheen could use ORM to bury negative articles so that he may begin to redevelop his image, while a celebrity like Clooney could use ORM to ensure that his reputation stays positive.

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Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
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