Centel Media Becomes a Part of Two Worlds

The most powerful people make the easiest targets to hit. Protect yourself from all attacks that can diminish your brand.

Being a celebrity or a person of famous status has perks that the average person can only dream of. Whether it’s going to fashion shows all over the world or VIP treatment at the hottest restaurant in town, it doesn't get much better than that. As easy as it may seem to get to the top, one little rumor or claim can rapidly bring all the special treatment to a standstill and leave you trying to repair your reputation.

There are two worlds: the world that normal people live in and the celebrity world. The job of a celebrity is very hard. One must try and save face in both worlds and not manage to get caught up in any type of scandal that can destroy your image in both worlds.

Believe it or not, your favorite celebrity is a brand and that brand is represented every time they step outside into the public eye. It is in their best interest to make sure they are staying clear and away from trouble. If they don’t, the brand in which they represent becomes diminished. The same path should be taken when it comes to social media activity as well. Since the rise of social media, celebrities are constantly being crucified for something they put on Facebook or Twitter.

A person should never get too personal when it comes to posting things on social media. No matter what it is, often times words get twisted around and then you have celebrities blaming the media for this misunderstanding. One must understand that when you put something online 50 percent of people will understand it in the context you put it in and the other half will try and make a big story out of nothing.

When situations like this arise, it is in your best interest to have either a great PR team on standby or quickly hire an online reputation management firm to help with beginning the process of rebuilding your brand back up to respectability. These two options are very necessary, because as soon as your name becomes embroiled in some type of trouble, online press will have a field day with you. Online searches for social media will often lead you to the bad, not the good. It doesn't matter how much money you donated or what good you did, the bad is going to overshadow that.

The best way to deflate the hype bubble is getting a professional team or firm to help you. Doing this all by yourself will take too much of your time and is not the best method. You might feel compelled to argue back, which is the worst thing you can do. Doing it the right way ensures you that your brand will make it out and be stronger than ever which can only mean success for your career.

Quincy Grant,
Content Writer,
Centel Media