Record High Profits Result in Layoffs by the CEO

Centel Media CEO Jack Cola clashes with COO Joseph Scarletti over the termination of four consultants from two different consulting firms. This comes shortly after the ORM firm’s latest record high profit margins.

These past few months, top online reputation management firm Centel Media has been on steady incline, but apparently that’s not good enough for one Chief Executive Officer. The firm’s CEO Jack Cola has elected to terminate two consultants from two different consulting companies due to their unreliable advice in predicting market behavior. This comes after the company has recorded several cases of record high profit margins in both 2013 and 2014. This is due to no small part from the company acquiring several Fortune 500 clients, including Wal-Mart ( ), Comcast ( ), and now Time Warner Cable, over these past several months, and is actively working on the social media pages for these businesses.

Back in 2013, Centel Media had two instances of record high profits: once in September and again on the notoriously big sales event that is the Black Friday weekend. Shortly before these two occasions, four consultants from two different multinational consulting firms advised Centel Media that the online reputation management firm should expect low sales figures and that moving their products and services would be impossible because they were unrealistic compared with the American public’s demand levels; in effect saying that Centel Media would end up with record low profit margins. While this error was acceptable at the time, as no one gets it right all the time, two more cases of data misinterpretation have caused Cola to doubt their abilities. This year, during the first weekend of the New Year and just this past week, once again Centel Media posted record high profit margins against the advice and analytical data provided by these two consultants. Yet again, they had argued to expect low sales numbers, bringing up sequencing errors in Centel Media’s products and services compared to the buying and spending habits of Americans. Cola had enough and has terminated the four consultants.

President and Chief Operations Officer Joseph Scarletti has protested the termination and amended his argument to Cola, stating that he wants to keep the consultants’ positions but shop around for new agents from other consulting agencies. Cola has openly disagreed with Scarletti’s opinion, but for now has accepted his suggestion to look for other options.

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